Acadia National Park Climbing

Climbing in Acadia National Park – conquering Atlantic’s vertical Paradise

Everybody loves the peaceful and serene Atlantic Coast in Maine. The taste of lobsters and the scent of ocean breeze make you want to sit and relax. But Maine has also its less known, more active side. The vertical side, to be exact. If you visit the stunning coastal area of Acadia National Park, you may discover that some of the laces here are simply ruled by just one sport: rock climbing. Indeed, Acadia has some of the contry’s top true sea cliffs that offer stunning climbing routes in varied terrain. And what makes them so special as climbing destinations is the vistas they give: the ocean waves roaring below your feet and clear blue sky shimmering over your head.

The Otter Cliff’s magic

Otter Cliffs are the most popular place to climb in Maine. Stunningly set at the ocean shore and emerging from the troubled waves, they have all things that climbers desire. They are intimidating as you approach them, they are easily accessible when you head towards them and they are reasonably high when you climb them. Also, they offer a great variety of climbing terrain. You can enjoy here routes up to 5.12 while scrambling their 60 ft high granite walls. If you are a climbing newbie, head to the Child’s Play (5.5) or The Great Chimney (5.5). The latter is especially appreciated as not being the usual one. Its polished walls need more precise holds and… more attention. The Great Chimney is recommended as a great warm-up before more challenging routes. And speaking of those…
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Challenge yourself in Tide Gridle Traverse

If you want to challenge your muscles and brain, go for Otter Cliffs’ highlight route: The High Tide Gridle Traverse (5.10). It is fun, exciting and appreciated for the jaw-droping ocean views en route. It is also the longest route in the Otters, which means you need to be prepared for a long-lasting physical effort. Going around sea stack and traversing along discontinuous crack systems will make you awake throughout the whole climb!

Acadia climbing has been regarded as a niche sport for a long time. Now, fully in bloom, it attracts thousands of vertical adventurers. If you think of joining their club, head to Acadia National Park this season!

Article by: Antonina Małowiecka
Top photo by: David Fulmer /
Second photo by: Nadya Peek /