American Prairie Reserve camping

Camping in American Prairie Reserve: the great grass-land adventure

Camping in American Prairie Reserve is still relatively unknown and thus – uncrowded and fascinatingly thrilling wildlife adventure in Montana. Commonly known as APR, this vast, privately founded reserve restores the beauty and natural bounty of America’s Great Plains. What one can encounter here, is the amazingly diverse spectre of wildlife and outdoor based activities. You’ll love all of them, if you have ever watched and loved “Dancing with the Wolves” – as the main attraction of the APR is the … bison! This majestic animal, once roaming Great Plains freely, was successfully reintroduced to this area in 2004 and today you are almost guaranteed to spot the whole herd, counting over 700 animals. But bison-spotting is not the only attraction of this area. So if you are looking for some ideas what to do in American Prarie Reserve, read on our short activity guide!

Tracking the beast

If you decide to go for a camping in American Prairie Reserve, be prepared for close wildlife encounters. Just behind your cozy tent, build on low-impact platform, you will find enough trails to meet deer and huge elks – and if you are a huge fan of wild cats, just head to popular Burnt Lodge to spot for bobcats preying for bighorn sheep. And if you are wondering, which area of the vast reserve is the best for bison spotting, do not think any longer and run to the Sun Prairie unit, where the herd is usually seen. While taking countless photos of America’s iconic beast, do not forget to keep your distance – 300 ft between you and the animals makes the meeting safe… for both of you.
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Walking, strolling and land-snorkelling in American Prairie Reserve

There are so many entertaining and nature-oriented things to do in American Prarie Reserve! From wildlife watching and bison-spotting and land-snorkelling to serious prairie hiking, horseback riding to night sky gazing. If you are here to enjoy camping in American Prarie Reserve, you are of course welcome to experience all of them. Feel like going for a walk? Try the essential, 5,8 mile long Box Elder Crossing Trail or even longer, 12 mile long Ridge Road trail, which runs close to C.M. Russel National Wildlife Refuge.

Whichever activity you’ll choose, remember to take your time while enyoing the best Montana outdoor adventures. Do not hurry – allow yourself to sing into prairie landscapes and feel the pulse of Earth beating.

Article by Antonina Małowiecka
Top photo by Devin Stein

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