Boundary Waters Canoe Area canoeying

Paddling with the Moose: canoeying in Boundary Waters Canoe Area

Boundary Waters Canoe Area is the perfect gift from Mother Nature to the humanity. The million -acre wetland area, dotted with crystal clear lakes, dense northern woods, streams and rivers is the Minnesota adventure like no other. And, of course, the main activity here is meandering through this enchanted water world in a shaky canoe – a perfect idea for active family holiday!

Tracking the moose, running with the wolves

Canoeing in Boundary Waters Canoe Area has never been easier: with 20 entry points and over 1,500 miles of kayaking trails in the area you may be sure you’ll find here your own piece of solitude and tranquility. While meandering slowly through the maze of small, fast running streams you are also very likely to see local fauna at its best. Think of quietly running deer, shy gay wolves, majestically roaming black bears and elusive bobcats – all of them can be spotted during typical canoe trip. If you are really info wildlife, try to catch a glimpse of BWCA’s most famous inhabitant – the moose. The best place to spot the local forest king is the area of Isabella River, where the chances of seeing this majestic animal are almost 100%. Of course, the region is not all about nature – native American tribes also left here a visible mark – both Ojibwa and Sioux community heritage can be traced without greater effort.

Boundary Waters Canoe Area: a perfect family escape

Boundary Waters Canoe Area is often referred to as the best family adventure destination. No wonder! With perfectly located campsites, where you can rest after all-day paddling routine, small lakes surrounded by green forests, where you can play watersports … and rivers, where your kids will catch their first big fish – this region is simply made for family fun in the outdoors. Nothing beats the family paddling adventure in Minnesota’s calmest waters – enjoying the lush green surrounding, sounds of countless water birds and images of sun setting down among sky- reaching trees. And, by the end of the day, eating the mouthwatering fish, baked on fire under starlit sky.

If you are thinking, how loud can moose be in the middle of the night and how does it feel to meander across country’s most scenic water trails, book your Boundary Waters Canoe Area permit and enjoy one of the greatest Minnesota outdoors today!

Article by: Antonina Małowiecka
Photos by: Greg Gjerdingen

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