Bryce Canyon flights

Bryce Canyon scenic flight is a one in a lifetime experience, which can be compared to very few adventures. Once you step into magical world of one oh Utah’s most astonishin national Parks you’ll be overwhelmed by its graneur. Why? Because without any doubt famuos Bryce Canyon is the place, whee you can see the world’s biggest collection of hoodoos – fairytale shaped pillars that resemble anything from giantic stone needle to sunken ship. Flying over this awe-stricking landscape is the only way to experience it in its full glory an explore otherwise inaccesible areas.

Soaring through magical, stone -carved laburynths of Bryce Canyon is one of the most thriling Utah adventure. Just imagine flying only meters from mind-blowing formations: bright colored pinnacles, huge window walls, fins and spires. If it still does not sound that great, think of flying in a tiny helicopter with experienced pilot, that is able to position te shaky machine to capture the perfect photo no-one else will have. Indeed, if you are a keen phptpgrapher, Bryce Canyon scenic flight with helicopter is the best opportunity to catch the unearthy panoramas of stone maze, carved out of the soft sedimentary rocks milions years ago.
Bryce Canyon flights area always tailored to your needs. Depending on the time you have, you may choose a 30-minutes panoramic flight over the hooboo labirynths, which will take you to the area’s highlights. If you decide to set off really early in the morning, you’ll get the most unique chance of catching sun’s first rays over Rainbow Point and admiring in perfect silence the grandeur of Natural Bridge. But that’s just the beginning – the further you go, the more amazing views will be. You’ll be flying over stone forests of red rock hoodos and catch the bird’s eye view of Utah’s most beautiful pine forests.

Article by Antonina Małowiecka
Top photo by J Brew
Second photo by Bernard Spragg. NZ

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