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  • From relaxing in the tranquility of a slow riding to the exhilaration of jumping and riding at full gallop.
    With more than 10 years of experience, we will be glad to show you some of our hundreds of horse riding holidays and horseback tour opportunities.
    So why not making your dreams come true?

  • Hiking Yohetta Wilderness

    The Yohetta Wilderness area is one of the very few pristine wilderness areas still left in the world. In a spectacular setting in the Chilcotin Mountains we have a beautiful and characterful lodge and cabins around a pristine lake. From her we offer day excursion for fishing, horseback trips, hiking etc. as well as horseback trips for up to a week over mountain ranges, through rivers and into the pristine alpine meadows.

    What is very unique to this wilderness is the proximity to Vancouver and Whistler. It is only one hour’s flight from Whistler crossing the most spectacular mountain scenery which you can imagine. You will fly over ice fields, glaciers, massive rock cliffs and mountain lakes as well as glacier fed rivers. This will bring you into the rain shadow of the Coast Mountains.

  • Horse riding YG Guest Ranch

    At the YD Guest Ranch we pride ourselves on providing the ultimate in adventure tours. If you want to be one with nature go on one of our Horseback riding tours we offer these tours with many different options for someone who has ridden lots to greenhorn. We will make sure your equine partner is right for you so you have the best time on your ride.

Showing all 3 results