Jacksonhole paragliding

Jacksonhole paragliding: the unexpected soaring adventure

There are just too many adventures in Jacksonhole to choose from, do you agree? This mountain resort has the country’s most vibrant ski and snowboard scene in winter and awesome hiking trails in summer. But is there any activity one can enjoy here both in summer and winter months? There is one – and you won’t believe it – it’s paragliding.
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Telluride paragliding

Telluride paragliding – dream&fly in Colorado!

You are floating in the sky, carelessly and effortlessly. Dozens of narrow, pine-covered valleys open beneath you and let you into pristine world of unspoiled nature of San Juan National Forest in Colorado. You are in one of the wildest places in northern hemisphere. As you rise your hand you almost feel like touching the sun, hanging in the clear blue, cloudless sky and shining over naked, dark silhouettes of Dallas Peak with, easy to recognize from bird’s perspective, two rocky towers at the summit. You are not in your usual REM mode – all around you is real, and what you are now experiencing is Colorado paragliding adventure – one of the best things to do in magnificent San Juan Range after winter season.
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