Bryce Canyon flights

Bryce Canyon scenic flight is a one in a lifetime experience, which can be compared to very few adventures. Once you step into magical world of one oh Utah’s most astonishin national Parks you’ll be overwhelmed by its graneur. Why? Because without any doubt famuos Bryce Canyon is the place, whee you can see the world’s biggest collection of hoodoos – fairytale shaped pillars that resemble anything from giantic stone needle to sunken ship. Flying over this awe-stricking landscape is the only way to experience it in its full glory an explore otherwise inaccesible areas.
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Bagan Balloon Ride

Bagan Balloon Ride: Myanmar’s iconic adventure

As the morning mists still crawl over Myanmar plains, you get up and, while actually still remaining in sleeping mode, you get into shaky basket attached to fragile balloon fabric. There is it – you are just about to experience one of the world’s biggest wonders – the Bagan temples. But, unlike most of the people, you’ll do it in the most unusual way – from the air, during almost 1 hour long serene balloon ride.
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Great Ocean Road heli ride

Soaring Great Ocean Road

Australia is a hell of adventure. It is a country one can admire on so many levels, it is almost breath-taking: underwater reefs, Outback’s off-beaten tracks and high wave’s surfing – they’re all possible here. However, they all look really pale when compared to country’s most amazing adventure – scenic flights on Great Ocean Road. Yes, as it turns out you can admire the world-famous beauty of Shipwreck Coast while flying over Southern Australia’s unforgettable sights. Soaring over rugged coastline you can admire dozens of limestone cliffs, arches and caves and, with a bit of luck, look for blue whale’s fin emerging spontaneously from ocean’s waters.
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Vancouver scenic flights

Between sea and sky – Vancouver’s scenic seaplane flights

Very few things may compare to the view of reddish sun setting slowly into the waters of Salish Sea surrounding Vancouver – one of the most picturesque places of North America. This cosmopolitan city, already attractive from the ground level, when seen from above looks truly amazing. While flying over its skyline one can admire world-known city landscape from a completely different perspective – Vancouver is literally squeezed between calm waters of Strait of Georgia and sky-soaring Garibaldi Mountain Range. Having said this, taking a sky cruise over Vancouver must be an unforgettable experience – especially when your plane takes not from the ground…but sea level.
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Snow (pow)power – heli-skiing in Valdez

Heli-skiing may be not the most obvious way to enjoy winter, but for many it is the only one really worth living for. The reason for this is simple: this adrenaline-driven sport gives the only possibility to enjoy virgin slopes covered with deep powder snow at their best. Imagine sliding through white fields that are not only ungroomed but even – untouched by man. No ski resorts, no lines taking you to the top of the slope with thousands of other people. It’s only you, snow-capped mountain and…a helicopter, that brought you to the summit you are just about to ride. And now open your eyes and welcome to Valdez, Alaska – the birthplace of heli-skiing.
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