Santa Fe horseback riding

Ultimate saddle adventure: Santa Fe horseback riding

Horseback riding in Santa Fe, New Mexico is an exhilarating and adventurous experience. In fact, this is one of the very few true wilderness jaunts one can have in the country! Crossing barren lands of New Mexico deserts, admiring vast canyons and deep gorges, while sitting perfectly comfortable on your horse’s back is worth every muscle pain. But horseback riding tours in Santa Fe are not only about stunning views and spectacular panoramas…
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Gila Wilderness

In the saddle through Gila Wilderness

Tucked in New Mexico’s northwestern corner, Gila Wilderness is one of USA’s biggest and, yes, the wildest adventures. Gila is rugged, dotted with rolling hills and mountains and riddled with turquoise forest lakes. And yet, at the same time while you are wandering here, you will encounter even more natural wonders, such as semi-deserted plains or deep canyons. In terms of diversity of the landscape Gila Wilderness has almost no competition. However, if after reading all above you’re already packing for your trip here, bear in mind one: Gila IS wild – reaching this fabulous area requires some serious hiking or…horse riding. As a strictly hiking guys, we are not too enthusiastic when it comes to jumping on horse’s back, but… riding a horse in Gila is an adventure about which even we couldn’t get excited enough.
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Talkeetna dog sledding

Running with wolfpack in Talkeetna

Small Talkeetna may not be the most obvious place to visit in winter. Unless you are a devoted Alaska dog sledding tours maniac. Like me. Since I watched, as a teenager, the „Snow Dogs” movie, which takes place in this tiny Alaskan city, I knew that dog-sledding (or, professionally called, mushing) will be an integral part of my life. From now on for many years I dreamt of only one thing: visiting this snow-caped, lost among vast mountain valleys town. Why? Because in Talkeetna you can enjoy one of the world’s best dog sledding tours in Alaska.
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