Lake Tahoe MTB

MTB riding in Lake Tahoe: Nevada adventure with downhill

Vast, crystal clear waters and Lake Tahoe MTB possibilities attract hundreds of thousands of tourists each season – mostly those keen on active side of life. One of the top Nevada adventures to experience here is without doubt cycling – lake’s shores are outlined by more than 490 kilometers of epic bike trails. With fully suspended MTB bike you are likely to find here more thrills and adrenaline rides than you can imagine!
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Acadia National Park Climbing

Climbing in Acadia National Park – conquering Atlantic’s vertical Paradise

Everybody loves the peaceful and serene Atlantic Coast in Maine. The taste of lobsters and the scent of ocean breeze make you want to sit and relax. But Maine has also its less known, more active side. The vertical side, to be exact. If you visit the stunning coastal area of Acadia National Park, you may discover that some of the laces here are simply ruled by just one sport: rock climbing. Indeed, Acadia has some of the contry’s top true sea cliffs that offer stunning climbing routes in varied terrain. And what makes them so special as climbing destinations is the vistas they give: the ocean waves roaring below your feet and clear blue sky shimmering over your head.
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Coasteering in Cornwall

Coastal Madness: Coasteering in Cornwall

I always loved exploring Cornwall’s rugged coastline –  scrambling the narrow paths overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, admiring cliffs and hidden coves and looking for the local marine wildlife. But although I did see a lot, I was still not as satisfied. Cornwall’s biggest highlight – the famous granite built coastline, dotted with small gulfs and bays, smugglers’ caves and cliff ledges inhabited by puffins and…seals was hidden 50 meters down below the path level, and obviously inaccessible for me. Until I’ve learned about coasteering in Cornwall – the best and maddest way to meet the region’s wildlife.
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Pleasure & pain – Bishop’s Boulders and Hot Springs

Nothing motivates for morning pains of bouldering as strong, as the promise of dipping your body in warming waters of hot springs. Both: pain and pleasure can be found in Bishop in Owens ValleyCalifornia’s climbing Mecca with the biggest density of climbing routes in the state. Officially, over 2000 boulder problems has been recorded here – one may only imagine, how many wasn’t!
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