Arizona - USA

Looking for desert treasures in Arizona
Arizona adventures are temping milions of tourists every season – not without reason. A state of such unique, dreamy landscapes as Antelope Canyon and Sedona Hills simply cannot be omitted when planning an outdoor holiday this year. Any trip to this desert land of thousands of colors means meeting Nature at its best: try not to lose your breath while hiking the iconic US landmark – Grand Canyon or while wading through thousands of centuries-old cacti fields in Saguaro National Park!


One of the best ways to explore Arizona's desert gems is, of course, with Route 66, which cuts the state in halves. While road-tripping the mesmerizing, rainbow-colored hills and rocks, you will make a stop from time to time and lose your breath – like when standing at the top of Hoover's Dam or squeezing through gently lit orange walls of Antelope Canyon or… hiking the Navajo footsteps in their sacred sanctuary – Monument Valley Najavo Tribal Park.

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  • Float Balloon Tours

    When you come to fly with us, expect the most experienced pilots, beautiful and safe Sonoran Desert flying, farm-to-table meals (included!), and to be treated like family while having an unforgettable adventure! We love what we do, and you will too!

    Most of us only fly in a balloon once or twice in a lifetime, so we make the experience as intimate and memorable as possible by flying in the right areas, offering longer flights, and bringing everything we love about Arizona into your experience.

    We offer hot air balloon rides over the open Sonoran desert just north of Phoenix and Scottsdale, with breathtaking views of the Bradshaw Mountains and Lake Pleasant.

  • Foolish Pleasure

    We launch at sunrise from various locations depending on available wind currents and conditions to give the best possible flight. We fly the Tucson Mountains, Saguaro National Park west, and the Avra Valley area. After your flight, we celebrate with a continental breakfast and champagne or sparkling cider toast. You will also receive emailed photographs of your adventure and a pin of the balloon you took your flight in. During the flight, while floating over the beautiful Sonoran Desert, we often see various species of desert wildlife both on the ground and in the air. We fly for approximately one hour. With this flight we launch from the east side of the majestic Tucson Mountains and fly the mountain range to see some of the most stunning vegetation, including our giant saguaro cactus, in all of Tucson. We land west of the Tucson Mountains in an area of the most scenic agricultural land in the Avra Valley area. All flights include a champagne and/or sparkling cider toast afterward in celebration of your exciting adventure as well as a continental brunch that includes an assortment of delicious treats to celebrate your flight.

  • Hot Air Expeditions

    The Sonoran Desert is one of the foremost areas for hot air ballooning in the entire world. Come and see why!

    Your journey begins with the viewing of the inflation of the balloon, where you will first get a glimpse of how large the balloons really are up close as they come to life! Upon the conclusion of the inflation, your pilot will whisk you away in the basket for your approximate one hour flight. During the breathtaking journey, you will enjoy floating at different elevations, from up to 5,000 feet in the air for a gorgeous overview of the Sonoran Desert, to within feet of the ground and the giant saguaro cacti that scatter the valley of the sun, to catch a glimpse of local wildlife and plant life. It is very common to see jackrabbits, quail, coyote and even javalinas.

    Upon landing you are greeted with flutes of chilled champagne, and almost magically tables with linens and china appear, right in the heart of the desert – a hint to the treat you are about to enjoy! Post-flight you will enjoy gourmet cuisine catered by the award-winning Vincent’s on Camelback, as well as a traditional balloonist’s ceremony.

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