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  • Waldhochseilgarten Jungfernheide

    Do you want to feel free like Tarzan?
    Climb in the trees, like you did as a child?
    We make it possible, only much safer.

    Using a harness with special carabiners you only need a short introduction before you can start having fun:
    Swinging from tree to tree, walking on a swing bridge, gliding along our flying foxes. Whether couch potato or crazy fit squirrel, we have the right parcours for you.

    After you overcame our wooden obstacles and pushed your limits a little bit further you can totally relax in our Biergarten.
    We offer a variety of snacks like homemade stone oven pizza or hot dogs.
    No reservation needed, just swing by!

  • The Warsteiner International Montgolfiade belongs to one of the biggest events of Warstein and the surrounding Sauerland. Every year thousands of people visit the WIM to watch the hot air balloons start.

    Participating in Europe's largest annual balloon festival has been a longstanding tradition among balloonists and their fans. In particular, the mass ascensions are a thrill for pilots, their crews and, of course, the spectators. Twice daily, the huge, colorful envelopes are filled with hot air–once in the early morning hours at 6:30 am and again in the late afternoon at 5:30 pm when each time a span of two hours usually offers the best weather conditions for a start. Up to 150 balloons ascend at once –changing the skies into a sea of color. A truly impressive spectacle and many „Oohs” and “Aahs” can be heard from the appreciative crowd, especially when some of the special shapes are spotted.

Wyświetlanie wszystkich 2 wyników