Louisiana - USA

Louisiana: adventurer's guide to swamps, voodoo and alligators
Swampy and verdant Louisiana remains one of the most intriguing US states. A home to fascinating French culture, creole cuisine and African-rooted voodoo religion, it attracts tourists from all round the world. Any Louisiana adventure starts and ends at its most famous landmark: the swamps. Surrounding travelers from every side, those mysterious, dark and lush bayous are full of life – do not miss the opportunity to meet it face to face!


Louisiana outdoor activities take you deep into the world of slowly meandering waters of Mississippi among bald cypresses and fallen oaks. All you have to do is sit comfortably in your kayak and look carefully at the waters, hiding their secrets. Spot dozens of alligators, bears and over 250 species of birds, that inhabit country's largest river swamp – the Atchafalaya Basin. Then, head with your friends along the river to enjoy a first-class fishing: catch the catfish and bass. If you prefer sea fishing, go straight to the Gulf of Mexico and enjoy perfectly organized trolling tour, during which you will surely catch your tuna or amberjack for dinner!


If you still have no plans for holiday, look no further and book your Great Southern Adventure in Louisiana – regardless your “outdoor orientation”, this Southern gem will make you more, than happy!

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  • New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours

    New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours aims to provide the best kayak experience for each and every customer that comes our way. Our experienced guides will take you on an adventure you won’t forget! We’ll make sure that you are having an amazing time on and off the water. Safety and fun are our top priorities. You’ll enjoy the spectacular scenery while learning about the unique surrounding ecosystem. The Gulf Coast ecosystem is the largest and fastest disappearing land mass on the planet. Come and enjoy these areas with us while you still can!

    Swamp tours are guided beginner and intermediate paddles through the bayous, swamps and rivers around New Orleans. We will take you past beautiful cypress groves, abandoned houseboats, and exotic wildlife. Tour locations vary and are dependent on water levels and weather.

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