Oregon - USA

Get excited with Oregon adventure!
No adventure seeker will ever get bored with Oregon. This vibrant, coastal state has probably the highest density of outdoor adventures per square mile in the country! And, as you will discover, outdoor-obsessed citizens, that simply won't let you ignore Oregon's adventure call. Stretched from the rugged Pacific coastline to the dense evergreen Deschute National Forest and Mars-looking Painted Hills, Oregon has Western Coast world-class adventures for every season. They include adrenaline- filled whitewater rafting, hiking the volcanoes and climbing country's top walls. For vampire saga fans, Oregon has something special: jaw-dropping vistas of Silver Falls State Park you saw in “Twilight”!


If you visit Oregon, you must have at least a bit of outdoor blood running in your veins. Having said this, do not miss state's exceptional summer adventures. Try wandering around Crater Lake National Park and discovering presumably the most pristine lake on earth. Or following the waterfall trail in Columbia River Gorge. Or nerve-soothing paddle boarding the turquoise waters of Mt. Hood lakes. Or hiking (and whale watching!) the 1,444 miles long Pacific Coast Trail. Or, finally, climbing the Smith Rock's iconic routes.


Choose your Oregon outdoor style and meet the adventure like never before! To find out more about local activities, go through our Oregon checklist!

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