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  • Horse Riding Tours

    From relaxing in the tranquility of a slow riding to the exhilaration of jumping and riding at full gallop.
    With more than 10 years of experience, we will be glad to show you some of our hundreds of horse riding holidays and horseback tour opportunities.
    So why not making your dreams come true?

  • Rock Climbing brings you the best places to visit and enjoy Rappelling, Trekking and of course Climbing. This authentic and magnificent sports are a different and unique way to travel.

  • (English) Reservas Forestal Park

    Forestal Park Tenerife is one of the top things to do in Tenerife. It offers the unique experience of leaping off Tarzan Swings and flying down ziplines at the gates of Teide National Park. A leisure activity for everyone in the heights, surrounded by canary pines and a splendid landscape full of biodiversity in the protected area of Las Lagunetas, in the town of El Rosario.

    Come on your own, bring a group or your entire family for a unique, fun and bonding experience, or have a party or event. Take a journey and explore the outdoors like never before.

    Getting in touch with nature, adventure sports and a lot of fun in Forestal Park Tenerife treetops.

  • Globubolg Barcelona


    Enjoy the amazing experience of flying in a hot air balloon. We invite you to discover, from a bird’s eye view, a magnificent setting where mountain forests and green hills lead into streams and vast fields. And very close to barcelona, only 30 minutes from the big city, you can find an area with such rich, diverse and extended landscapes.

    A balloon flight is an ecological, pleasant and safe activity. we brings you the opportunity to live this experience at 1000 meters high, driven by the wind as the one and only motor, and in total harmony with nature. The activity is suitable for all people and ages.

  • Zipline Omega Adventure Park

    Ready for the best place in Spain for a Zip Line Adventure? Zip Lines and Ropes Course attractions in Spain, there is nothing like a day in an amazing Adventure Park! Have the unique oportunity to feel gravity while enjoying great views.

    After our team outfits you, a safety breaf with one of our best guides will take place, just before your adventure begins.

    Ropes course: Challenges from tree to tree, bridges and other sporting tracks before doing the huge Zip Lines.

  • Globus Kon-Tiki

    Our recommended Flight areas:
    – Near Barcelona city flying around Montserrat mountain, only 45 minutes driving from city center.

    Other areas aprox.1 hour and half driving outside the city:
    – Noguera and Prepyrenees, views to Camarasa lake, Montsec mountains and Lleida flat.
    – Cerdanya valley and Pyrenees, near to French border.
    – Costa Brava, view to Medas islands natural park and Roses bay.

  • Illes Balears Ballooning

    We would arrange the flight just the way you wish. There’re not a itinerary. We normally fly evenings (19:00 h) in the eastern coast of the island starting close to the see and to observe all Majorca.

    The meeting point is changing depending on the wind direction. You can fly also mornings, but it’s very early (7:00 h).

    We have new balloons wich is very confortable and during the flight we will serve up to a bottle of champagne. The fligths are one hour long in the evenings or mornings if you wish, and you can choose the “exclusive fligth” or just take place in a Balloon (5-6 pax) with other clients in group.

    You will feel safety from the very first minute with our kind and professional team.

  • FLY TOLEDO Experience

    The longest urban zip-line in Europe. A unique experience in a breathtaking scenario. Open every day.

    A new experience in the Old Town of Toledo. A unique adventure that allows you to fly over the Tagus River in the heart of the historic center.

    Fly Toledo is a perfect activity during your visit to the city. Furthermore, users can take with them a digital picture and a GoPro video to share their experience.

  • Globus Emporda

    Discover the countryside of the Empordà from above as you enjoy the magical sensation of flying with a balloon. Admire the Costa Brava from 1000 m altitude; the bay of Roses, the Medes Islands, the Pyrenees, the Montgrí, the medieval villa­ges of Peratallada, Ullastret, Monells, Palau Sator, Verges, or Pals. Say yes to adventure!

  • Globos Boreal Segovia

    Balloon rides in Segovia with Globos Boreal
    Enjoy your flight with the first certified company in Spain for balloon rides, with expert professional balloonists who have a big experience in some of the most famous places in the world for balloon rides as Cappadocia (Turkey), Bagan (Myanmar) and Canada. Javier Tarno is 6 times Spanish champion and has more than 4.000 flight hours.

  • Jungle-Trek Parque de Tirolinas

    Enjoy a great time at Jungle-Trek with a great choice of tree-top activities. Expect high ropes course and zip-lining in the nature. The Tree top adventure offers 130 challenges, including 40 ziplines in 11 courses. And the new zip curves.

    Customers have fun and challenge themselves through the trees at their chosen level of difficulty…11 diferentes courses including our newly expanded red course. You will be surprise by what you’re capable when you challenge yourself!

    Enjoy large zip lines through the trees and traverse fun elements including Tarzan Swing! Challenge your friends, while discovering what each course has to offer.

    You are about living a little bit more adventurously, having fun with friends and family and discover your inner Tarzan (he is there, we know!)
    The classic experience is our 3 hour tree adventure. We’ll brief you for safety before you go throw our zip-wires, Tarzan Swing, monkey bridge and lot more.

  • Camins de Vent

    Just like the tourist flight size XL without breakfast.
    is the balloon flight we do regularly.
    From 4 to 8 people plus the pilot can fly in this type of flight.
    Dreams and atmosphere of calm, peace are some of the many sensations that you will find flying by balloon.

    Camins de Vent invite you to relive the sensations of the early adventurers ballooning.

  • Paseos En Globo

    Our balloons meet the most stringent airworthiness regulations established by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). They can accommodate from 6 to 10 passengers in compartmentalized baskets upgraded for touristic flights.

    We offer balloon flights in Central Spain (Madrid, Toledo & Segovia).

  • Barcelona Bosc Urbà

    Adventure Park in Barcelona.

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