Washington - USA

Washington: the one that has them all
Washington may not be the most visited US state. It may not be the most touristy as well. But it certainly is the most intriguing and rich, when it comes to outdoor possibilities. Have a look at the state's national parks: Mount Rainier, North Cascades and Olympic and you'll understand Washington's popularity among outdoor travelers. With incredible range in elevation, stretching from the rugged seashore to the snow-peaked summits, Washington landscapes include rainforests, deserts, alpine meadows and wetlands. When it comes to the landscapes, Washington simply has them all.


Washington adventures are as diverse as state's ecosystems. Thousands of miles of multipurpose trails lead you to the whale spotting in San Juan Islands, awesome surfing along 3,000 miles-long coastline or snowshoeing through vast, snow-capped plains. Following more demanding routes allows you to admire shimmering glaciers in North Cascades National Park or climb among boulders and loose pumice to the top of still active volcano – Mount St. Helens. If you are looking for a less-thrills-more-feels outdoor adventures in Washington, all you have to do is get a boat and paddle the lazy sections of Wenatchee River beneath clear, blue sky.

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  • Outdoor Odysseys

    Outdoor Odysseys has been running sea kayaking trips in the San Juan Islands since 1987. We'd love to have you kayak with us for one of our day tours, camping tours, specialty tour, or help you put together your own custom excursion.

  • Mica Moon Zip Tours

    Mica Moon is Eastern Washington’s only zipline canopy tour and rated the #1 outdoor Activity in the Spokane Area.  Two exciting UTV rides, two short trail hikes and 8 amazing zips  traverse pristine forest land high above Spokane Valley.  Enjoy breathtaking views and abundant wildlife. Your outstanding guides explain about the unique history, prohibition era moonshine camps all while soaring through forest canopy or high above the trees on two signature canyon crossings. Experience firsthand why Mica Moon has the highest percentage of 5 star reviews of any outdoor activity in the area!

  • Balloon Depot

    Fly with our commercially licensed pilots in a colorful hot air balloon! Our guests help us with the inflation, then rise above the earth on a safe, yet exciting and exhilarating flight. The flights start soon after sunrise or just before sunset when the air is at its calmest. As the balloons can only drift with the wind once they are launched, we make our ascent upwind of an area known to have a large number of good landing sites. For this reason our launch sites vary depending on the wind direction at flight time. Flights are of course weather permitting. We at the BALLOON DEPOT have been flying in the beautiful valleys of the Puget Sound region since 1978; this long, accident-free experience enables us to provide you with the best possible flight. We may brush through the treetops, sweep down over a field of wildflowers, skim over a pond, or climb high above the earth for a spectacular view. Each flight is a unique experience.

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