Zion National Park

Hiking in Zion National Park: the hypnotizing exprience

There are few places on earth as mesmerizing, as Zion Canyon. Considered to be Utah best adventure spot, this vast labyrinth of sky reaching limestone walls painted by nature in red, pink and creme colors, allows anyone to follow ancient paths of Native Americans and discover hypnotizing, stone carved trails. No visit to the Zion is the same – with neighboring Kolob Canyon the area offers almost 20 trails, varying from easy to strenuous, this amazing nature’s amphitheater can be endlessly explored all year round. Regardless your age and stamina, you will be able to find here a trail, suitable for you. From almost flat, paved paths, which accessible to prams and wheelchairs to steep and narrow trails leading though rocky ridges and including some scrambling and climbing – in Zion you will experience creme de la creme oh Utah adventure.
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Sedona vortex trail

Mystic trails in Sedona: hiking the vortex trail

Arizona adventures always take you to the desert – hypnotizing and awe-striking in its pristine and harsh beauty. Yet, while exploring miles of hiking, MTB and off-road trails you are quite likely to miss one of the strangest attractions this deserted land is hiding. What it would be? The answer is: famous vortexes – the earth’s secret places, where our planet’s energy gets released, allowing mistical-oriented travelers to find and experience Arizona’s most unique adventure. And what is the best place to look for vortexes? Undoubtedly – Sedona – the city nicknamed “New Age Capital”. Let us take you there!
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American Prairie Reserve camping

Camping in American Prairie Reserve: the great grass-land adventure

Camping in American Prairie Reserve is still relatively unknown and thus – uncrowded and fascinatingly thrilling wildlife adventure in Montana. Commonly known as APR, this vast, privately founded reserve restores the beauty and natural bounty of America’s Great Plains. What one can encounter here, is the amazingly diverse spectre of wildlife and outdoor based activities. You’ll love all of them, if you have ever watched and loved “Dancing with the Wolves” – as the main attraction of the APR is the … bison! This majestic animal, once roaming Great Plains freely, was successfully reintroduced to this area in 2004 and today you are almost guaranteed to spot the whole herd, counting over 700 animals. But bison-spotting is not the only attraction of this area. So if you are looking for some ideas what to do in American Prarie Reserve, read on our short activity guide!
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Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls: the power of Nature

Iguazu waterfalls are one of the world’s greatest wonders. Dozens of falls, majestic and deafening with continuous roar of thousands tons of falling water, they leave no-one insensible. Moreover, as one of few waterfalls this category on earth, they are accessible from almost every side. Visiting them is a visceral experience – especially, if you allow yourself to spend there enough time and walk on the both sides of the border between Argentina and Brazil.
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Appalachian Trail Smokies

Walking the Appalachian Trail – world’s last epic adventure

The Appalachian Trail trekking may be the most epic thing in USA you will get to experience. It looks impressive even from the statistics: it is 2100 miles long, crosses 14 states and 6 national parks.  And, for most of us, it is impassable in one time, of course – which is great, because the trail’s length gives the excuse to visit it as many times as we need. Of course, it is possible to do the whole Appalachian Trail in a one gigantic hike and become a real ‘thru-hiker’, but with so many breathtaking landscapes en route from Georgia to Maine doing the hike slowly is way better idea.
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Eungella National Park hiking

Wild, wild Queensland adventure: Eungella National Park

Hidden from the crowds sunbathing at the Queensland’s coast, there is mists-wrapped Eungella National Park. Well known for its mountainous, gripping scenery and lush rainforests, it makes a perfect wilderness gateway for a whole family. It combines all kind of activities young people can dream of: from daylight sunrise walks among majestic Red Cedars in Cedar Groove, lunch-time scrambling to Sky Window Lookout to dust-time platypus stalking. It does sound entertaining, doesn’t it?
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Uyuni hiking

Salar de Uyuni: the white realm of salt flats

Any travel to Bolivia, the astonishing Andean kingdom, will be full of jaw-dropping scenery – think of jungle-covered mountain slopes contrasting with moonscapes of Vale de La Luna contrasting with limitless space of world’s biggest salty desert – famous Salar de Uyuni. The latter is the essence of Bolivia adventure! Althouh it may sound unspectacular, Salar de Uyni could easily win a trophy in a ‘most amazing landscape ever’. What’s so special about it?
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Salta trekking

Salta trekking: where Argentina adventure begins!

Very few places in South America can be compared to Salta – a deserted, indigenous region of Northwestern Argentina. This vast mountainous area is squeezed between Andean passes, high-altitude barren Bolivian altiplano and Atacama Desert, which results in jaw-dropping scenery. You’ll get here any kind of landscape you’d dream of – rusty cliffs of Quebrada Cafayate, multicolored mountain ranges of Quebrada de las Conchas, resembling vertical rainbow and, finally, strikingly white salt plains of Salar de Arizaro. And, among those unforgettable nature’s wonders you’ll get also true Argentina – small towns and villages warped in time and sunken into world of indigenous traditions.
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Yellowstone Geyser hiking

Yellowstone hiking – walking the USA’s hottest adventure

It is the iconic view sponsored by mighty USA nature – the 180 ft tall fountain of hot water erupting from depths of the earth every hour. Old Faithful Geyser attracts every summer season countless tourists who impatiently wait for one of the world’s most amazing phenomena to show its power. Jets of water, visible from far distance, add the unrealistic feeling to the already hypnotizing scenery of multicolored hills and reddish flames of autumn foliage. And although Old Faithful is the one that catches everybody’s attention, one should know that is just one of many water volcanoes that are worth a visit during any of Yellowstone hikes.
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Chadar trek

The Chadar trek: an icy adventure

So you think you trekked the most amazing trails in the world already? You’re wrong – there’s one trek we are sure you still have not experienced – the Chadar Trek. If it sounds unfamiliar to you, it’s fine – most of the people still didn’t hear about this amazing trail, which leads through 90 miles of…frozen Himalayan river called Zanskar. Cutting deep into remote north-Indian Zanskar Valley, the river is until today the only winter lifeline allowing valley’s inhabitants travel there and back to the region’s capital – small city of Leh.
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Hiking Slovakia Tatras

Slovakian Tatra hiking adventure

Tatra Mountains are often nicknamed „the smallest-biggest mountains on Europe” – which describes them aptly. Indeed, they are look like a miniature of world-famous Alps – sharp ridges, deep valleys and rocky paths create an unforgettable landscape. On the other hand, reasonably high summits (the highest peak, Rysy Mt, measures 8212 ft) and short distances make it easy to access for most of the tourists. However, when planning your Tatra hiking holiday, you will have to bear in mind that those majestic mountains can be still treacherous – climbing narrow trails over the deep abysses can be sometimes possible only by using metal ropes and steps, which in rain and snow (even in summer!) can be a deadly trap.
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Sa Pa Village Trekking

Sa Pa village trekking: getting lost (and found) in rural Vietnam

Trekking in Vietnam is not the most obvious activity planned my tourist on their holiday in Southeastern Asia. But, as it turns out, this country can (and does!) constantly surprise travelers with its abundance of mountain adventures which can be experienced in Sa Pa. Being a small, still relatively undiscovered hill station founded by the French, this surrounded by majestic Tonkian Alps town has more attractions than you might expect: from great north Vietnamese cousine, charming colonial buildings to hundreds of kilometers of rugged trails leading to Vietnam’s tribal world.
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Muliwai Trail

Muliwai Trail: Hiking in Hawaii Paradise

Tropical Hawaiian paradise if many traveller’s dream – especially those, who are keen on active, thrills-filled holiday. Apart from archipelago well-known outdoor attractions such as diving, surfing or kayaking one can enjoy here also one of the world’s most breath-taking tropical trekking – the Muliwai Trail. Although it is still not as popular as other, mainstream Hawaiian activities, it allows to experience the lush beauty of the Island of Hawaii in the most unique way.
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Fagaras Hike

Trekking with Dracula – Romania’s Fagaras Mountains

If you have ever dreamt of hiking through wild, pristine mountains where there are still some rarely visited by humans valleys, forgotten by time villages and medieval castles, and, crossing through the clouds trails, you should go to Romania’s Transylvania right now. Because this relatively small and unknown Europan region has one of the continent’s highest and most impressive mountains – the Carpathian Fagaras Mountains.
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Gila Wilderness

In the saddle through Gila Wilderness

Tucked in New Mexico’s northwestern corner, Gila Wilderness is one of USA’s biggest and, yes, the wildest adventures. Gila is rugged, dotted with rolling hills and mountains and riddled with turquoise forest lakes. And yet, at the same time while you are wandering here, you will encounter even more natural wonders, such as semi-deserted plains or deep canyons. In terms of diversity of the landscape Gila Wilderness has almost no competition. However, if after reading all above you’re already packing for your trip here, bear in mind one: Gila IS wild – reaching this fabulous area requires some serious hiking or…horse riding. As a strictly hiking guys, we are not too enthusiastic when it comes to jumping on horse’s back, but… riding a horse in Gila is an adventure about which even we couldn’t get excited enough.
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Silver Falls Hike

Silver Falls Hike – a perfect family adventure

Oregon is United State’s place for adventurous people and…their families. Dotted with rugged trekking trails, rivers excellent for whitewater rafting, and kilometers of sandy beaches perfect for surfing, it mixes all kind of outdoor adventures. But what is really cool in Oregon, is its unique ability to mix two of Nature’s elements: earth and water. They can be both experienced in many places all around the state, but the top one is always the famous Silver Falls State Park, where travelers can walk between, around and…behind 10 mighty waterfalls.
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Hiking Half Dome

It is one of the most recongozable sights in the world – 8842 feet high wall, falling down almost vertically towards the surrounding forests, the infamous grandeur of the Half Dome rises more than 4700 feet above the ground level of the Yosemite National Park. Although in 19th century it was described as “inaccesible”, the summit can be today climbed by almost any reasonebly fit hiker. However, not without thrills, adrenaline, and, sometimes, patience that accompany every attempt to climb the Mist Trail.
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