Sailing Grand Traverse Bay

Tall Ship sailing across True North: your ultimate schooner adventure

Sailing in Traverse City is a must – do for anyone keen on active holiday in Michigan. This charmingly small town is often described as “True North” – and indeed: northern, harsh climate is felt here at every step. Located at Lake Michigan’s shore, right at the mouth of Grand Traverse Bay, it is the best place to experience one of the most unique Michigan adventure – tall ship sailing. Cruising on board of majestic 1800s schooners through peacefully shimmering waters of the lake allows sailing back in time to feel the ambiance of foregone era. Ahoy, then! Let’s sail away and explore troubled and mystic waters of Traverse Bay!

Explore Traverse Bay by day…and night

If you decide to join the crew and experience sailing on the board of old schooner’s replica, you may be sure that nothing will be as usual. From unforgettable views of sun setting behind huge mainsail, the sound of swirling boat’s wheel to the endless brightness of stars reflecting in the water – you’ll be surprised to encounter each of them. If you’ll get the chance to join overnight cruise on Traverse Bay, you may consider yourself lucky: you’ll get into your small and cozy private cabin, which looks almost like its 19th century original (well, it much more comfortable, though). Narrow, soft bed and small windows allow to admire Lake Michigan panoramas even when the weather gets nasty.

Hunt hidden treasures

Sailing Grand Traverse Bay will take you to the crystal clear and swimmer-friendly waters, explore desolated and clean beaches and experience the blows of wonderfully fresh breeze and discover bay’s most precious treasures. You’ll get the chance to hunt for elusive petoskey stone in Cathead Bay and visit small fishing village at Beaver Island. To capture the most captivating moments of this journey on your camera, be prepared to carry it with you all the time – so you won’t miss the opportunity to photograph this gorgeous historic lighthouse or this pristine beach!

If you are ready to explore the unknown waters and challenge your sailing skills, run to the Grand Traverse Bay and find your inner sailor spirit right now!

Article by: Antonina Małowiecka
Top photo by: Jim Sorbie
Second photo by: Rory Finneren