Sedona vortex trail

Mystic trails in Sedona: hiking the vortex trail

Arizona adventures always take you to the desert – hypnotizing and awe-striking in its pristine and harsh beauty. Yet, while exploring miles of hiking, MTB and off-road trails you are quite likely to miss one of the strangest attractions this deserted land is hiding. What it would be? The answer is: famous vortexes – the earth’s secret places, where our planet’s energy gets released, allowing mistical-oriented travelers to find and experience Arizona’s most unique adventure. And what is the best place to look for vortexes? Undoubtedly – Sedona – the city nicknamed “New Age Capital”. Let us take you there!

Hiking Arizona desert

Hiking in Sedona has much in common with hiking in any high desert. You’ll encounter here countless stone labyrinths, meandering canyons and fantastically carved red rocks. But Sedona vortex trail is the reason, why strolling through this deserted kingdom is such a unique experience. In the surrounding area you’ll find four ‘places of power’ – each of them is hidden among stone pillars, boulders and fins. Each of them is worth a visit to check, if you are sensitive enough to feel earth’s very pulse. Also, thanks to Sedona’s marketing, each of them is easily found thanks to free maps which can be obtained at Chamber of Commerce.

Find your energetic site in Sedona

Visiting Sedona vortexes includes always some scrambling and climbing – although not very difficult. Around the city you’ll find four main vortex sites, that are most popular, reasonably accessible and amazingly scenic. You’ll get the chance to wander among red and pink rocks, sky reaching stone walls and surprisingly lush sycamore trees. You may easily start with Airport Mesa Vortex site, which is the closest one to the city center. Accessible to anybody, who is reasonably fit, if offers rewarding views of the valley, sinking in red afternoon sunlight. From here drive to Cathedral Rock Vortex Site – possibly the most scenic an energetic in Sedona, but also – requiring some strenuous climbing and challenging steep, 650 ft ascent. If you’d like to touch and genuinely feel the vortex, go to the Boynton Canyon, where you can feel the energy swirling around oddly cone-shaped rock. To find not just a spot, but a whole area, which is rich in esoteric fluids, head straight to Bell Rock. This energy-infused area offers not only jaw-dropping views on Arizona landscapes, but also perfect meditation possibility on popular Meditation Perch.

Hiking in Sedona to find vortexes can be the most inspirational and rejuvenating outdoor adventure in Arizona. Don’t wait any longer to enjoy it – as you’ll love it even, if you are not the Aquarius Era believer!

Article by Antonina Małowiecka
Top photo by xinem
Second photo by Alexis Lewis