Zion National Park

Hiking in Zion National Park: the hypnotizing exprience

There are few places on earth as mesmerizing, as Zion Canyon. Considered to be Utah best adventure spot, this vast labyrinth of sky reaching limestone walls painted by nature in red, pink and creme colors, allows anyone to follow ancient paths of Native Americans and discover hypnotizing, stone carved trails. No visit to the Zion is the same – with neighboring Kolob Canyon the area offers almost 20 trails, varying from easy to strenuous, this amazing nature’s amphitheater can be endlessly explored all year round. Regardless your age and stamina, you will be able to find here a trail, suitable for you. From almost flat, paved paths, which accessible to prams and wheelchairs to steep and narrow trails leading though rocky ridges and including some scrambling and climbing – in Zion you will experience creme de la creme oh Utah adventure.

When in Zion, obey Nature’s laws

Hiking in Zion National Park brings you closer to one of the Nature’s greatest gifts. Having said this, one has to be aware that the whole canyon is ruled by the Nature itself and tourists need to obey its strict laws. Remember it while you’ll be preparing for your trekking – make sure you packed enough water, weather-suitable sunscreen with reasonably high SPF factor and, if you are heading to more difficult, classic Zion trails – like famous Angels Landing or East Rim Trail, some sturdy and reliable hiking shoes. Also, be aware that not all hiking trails in Zion National Park are suitable for anybody.

Choosing your trail in Zion

If you are an inexperienced hiker or travel with fun-loving kids, try the scenic (and easy to follow!) Pa’rus Trail to experience 2 hour long stroll along Virgin River. To meet some of Zion’s most spectacular views, head to Lower Emerald Pool Trail, which takes you to the hidden waterfalls and emerald lakes. If you are craving for some adrenaline rush up-and-down scrambling, do not miss the iconic, 4 hour long Angels landing, which involves climbing across narrow ridges and exposition definitely not for the fainthearted.

But in the end it really does not matter, which trail you will choose – in Zion National Park the ultimate adventure awaits you at every corner. Do not wait then any longer – run to explore the labyrinths and narrow passages of Americas most fascinating national park right now!

Article by Antonina Małowiecka
Top photo by Ian D. Keating
Second photo by Matt Machin