Eungella National Park hiking

Wild, wild Queensland adventure: Eungella National Park

Hidden from the crowds sunbathing at the Queensland’s coast, there is mists-wrapped Eungella National Park. Well known for its mountainous, gripping scenery and lush rainforests, it makes a perfect wilderness gateway for a whole family. It combines all kind of activities young people can dream of: from daylight sunrise walks among majestic Red Cedars in Cedar Groove, lunch-time scrambling to Sky Window Lookout to dust-time platypus stalking. It does sound entertaining, doesn’t it?

Eungella National Park: hidden adventure trails

Although Queensland adventure is usually connected to the region’s coastal area, located only 100 km into the Australian interior Eungella National Park has its own adventure trails. Any nature lover will fall in love with its mist-shrouded rainforests and mountains, reaching 1280 m., cool air and moist environment create unique ecosystem which can be met face to face. Although most of the park is inaccessible, one can enjoy walking through some of Queensland’s nicest trails, including section of the famous Mackay Highlands Great Walk.

Listen to the voices of Nature

Most of the tracks set-off from Broken River lookout platform. From here one can enjoy an easy stroll towards Sky Window – the best picnic spot in the whole Clarke Range! The trail itself is insanely picturesque: imagine wading through cedar forests, walking below red gum trees and listening to the silent voices of the rainforest, made by hidden among lush green leaves endemic tinkerfrogs! Finally, after steep ascend to the famous viewpoint, one can admire the vastness of Pioneer Valley, squeezed between two forested mountain ranges.
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Enjoy hiking by day and…night

For anyone interested in more demanding hike Eungella National Park has something too! Walking 8.5 km (one way only) from Broken River lookout to Crediton Creek allows to meet local wildlife at its best. As the trail follows the river for most of the time, one can spot many inhabitants of these forests and creeks. Do not be surprised if you’ll spot the one of the top Australian aerial celebrities: the famous honeyeater! As the day comes to an end and you finish our Eungella National Park hike, do not think of going to sleep. Go back to the Broken River viewpoint, stay quiet and…wait for the park’s most intriguing inhabitant: platypus. Once you’ll see his unforgettable silhouette, you’ll be able to call yourself the true Australia adventure catcher!

Australia’s Queensland state has much more to offer than its coastline. Head into the wild and discover the unique character of Eungella National Park even today and meet the Down Under’s ultimate wildlife adventure!

Article by: Antonina Małowiecka
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Second photo by: Nick Hewson /