Jacksonhole paragliding

Jacksonhole paragliding: the unexpected soaring adventure

There are just too many adventures in Jacksonhole to choose from, do you agree? This mountain resort has the country’s most vibrant ski and snowboard scene in winter and awesome hiking trails in summer. But is there any activity one can enjoy here both in summer and winter months? There is one – and you won’t believe it – it’s paragliding.

Fly above Teton Range

Jacksonhole paragliding possibilities allow anybody to experience the magic of flying above mountain tops. With possibly the best alpine flying conditions in the US, Jacksonhole paragliding tours mean flying where only the eagles dare. One can explore here the skies while soaring above the Teton Range and discover the snow-capped slopes from unknown perspective while floating in the air over iconic Beaver Mountain. Sailing in the cold morning breeze to catch the first glimpse of the sun over the Rockies or relaxing in the air at the sun set, while watching America’s most astonishing panoramas bursting in red and purple flames? You can get those experiences here, in Jacksonhole. And, what is great, you do not need any previous experience to do it – tandem flights with state’s best paragliding instructors can be enjoyed by almost anyone.

Paragliding in Jacksonhole: first things first

What are the basic things to remember before your first flight? First of all – dress accordingly. Morning and afternoon flights take you up in the air, where it can be bit chilly. Long pants, sweatshirt and wind breaker are essential basics. Second: relax and listen to your instructor. During tandem flight he is the leader and the person responsible for you. In one word: if he tells you to jump – jump. Most important of all: be aware that jacksonhole paragliding is all about… fun! From the very first moment when you are taken to the jump-off point by aerial tram to the first laps over Butte High School and long XL flights in the perfect evening glass-off – every moment of your flight here should be as enjoyable as it’s possible.

So if you crave for a new aerial adventure and dream of catching the best views of majestic Grand Teton, head to Wyoming. Your paragliding jaunt starts right here!

Article by Antonina Małowiecka
Top photo by Sparkus Design
Second photo by Chris Collins