Lake Tahoe MTB

MTB riding in Lake Tahoe: Nevada adventure with downhill

Vast, crystal clear waters and Lake Tahoe MTB possibilities attract hundreds of thousands of tourists each season – mostly those keen on active side of life. One of the top Nevada adventures to experience here is without doubt cycling – lake’s shores are outlined by more than 490 kilometers of epic bike trails. With fully suspended MTB bike you are likely to find here more thrills and adrenaline rides than you can imagine!

MTB in Lake Tahoe – when and how?

What is the best time to jump a bike and test downhill skills in Lake Tahoe? Surely – warm and sunny summer and autumn months. From mid – June to mid – November you may expect pleasant 80 degrees almost all the time. But that’s not all – Lake Tahoe sits in the rainshadow of majestic Sierra Nevada Range – so you are not likely to get wet here. Add to it unspoiled sunny sky over Nevada / California border – and you get perfect riding conditions! As soon as you get here, you’ll be struck by the abundance of terrific and easy-to-follow bike trails. Suitable for MTB-maniacs in almost any age, they give a perfect glimpse of what mountain biking should be. Some trails run almost 4000 ft above the lake’s surface, and some take you as high as 10 000 ft above sea level. Just think of the mountain panoramas reflecting in the shimmering waters of the lake beneath your wheels!
lake tahoe mtb adventure

Lake Tahoe – which trail to choose?

Choosing the right trail for your Tahoe bike adventure seems like a challenge – there are so many of them here! In Burton Creek State Park you can choose from 14 adventure-dedicated bike paths that cover 124 kilometers of featured rides. If you are an MTB beginner or are enjoying bike travels with your kids, try the pleasantly stride along Antone Meadows Loop. It is a delightfully easy, about 14 kilometers long singlertrack ride with few obstacles that can be challenged by almost anyone. With many bridges and creek crossings awaiting you en route, this loop allows to see famously pristine meadows at any time of the year. And if you decide to come here in early summer you’ll be gratified with views of lush flowering grasslands set amongst the forests.

Tahoe Rim Trail – ultimate challenge

To experience Nevada bike adventure at its best, challenge the Tahoe Rim Trail – according to many, the top and must-do bike trail in the country. Although it is quite demanding and steep in many sections, it is certainly the most picturesque ride you can take in the area. During this almost 40 kilometers long adventure you’ll get the chance to see towering pines and shimmering lake waters. However, do not get disturbed by the panoramas stretching from majestic cliffs and breatch-taking viewpoints – there are many technical difficulties along the way. Think of sharp curves to cross, narrow staircases to ride down and possible meetings with ares’s inhabitants: Black Bear and Mountain Lion!

Did you already choose your perfect Lake Tahoe trail? If you did, do not wait any longer and test your downhill skills in Nevada’s best MTB area this season!

Article by: Antonina Małowiecka
Photos by: Brian Holsclaw