Na Pali Coast Kayaking

Na Pali kayaking – Hawaiian coastal adventure

Hawaii kayaking tours are among the most exciting activities available in this lush archipelago. Paddling through crystal-clear waters to see sheer cliffs, hidden sea caves and glorious, untouched by mass tourism beaches is inherent part of any Hawaiian coastline trip. However, with kayak tours in Hawaii becoming increasingly popular, is may be tricky task to find a sea trail that is not packed with occasional tourists. Fortunately, there is Na Pali Coast – 17 miles stretch of most scenic, pristine views available on Kauai Island.

Discover the pristine beauty of Hawaiian nature

Na Pali coastal adventure takes the explorers from northern to South-western part of the island, which is remote, unspoiled and lush with tropical vegetation. As the kayak cuts through the waves, the Hawaiian landscapes of Hono’Onapali and Puu Ka Pele Natural Reserves, one should not expect not even smallest signs of civilization – there are no human settlements here, no luxury resorts and no mobile signal. It is wise to start the Na Pali kayaking trip from Haena beach to get the best views – the vast stretch of yellow sand is squeezed into mini-valley. It is built by verdant cliffs and narrow waterfalls falling from the rim with grace. During the first day of the trip one has a unique opportunity to spot the abundance of Hawaii’s marine life, as it flows beneath the surface of perfectly clear water. Rainbow-colored reef fish, green sea turtles and, occasionally, humpback whales make the tour unforgettable.
na pali kayaking boating adventure

Meet the marine life face to face

The next day of the jaunt starts early in the morning. As the kayak swims graciously along the coast for another 5 miles, one can finally freely explore the famous sea caves, which are a true highlight of the expedition. The prettiest among them, nicknamed „Mermaid’s grotto”, has an open ceiling which lets sun rays (and truly fairy tail feeling!) inside. One has to be extra careful while this part of the tour, as the island’s corner is surrounded by alluring and…potentially dangerous reefs. This day should end in the most relaxing way. Snorkeling trip to the underwater realm will give your muscles much needed rest. To finish your Hawaii kayaking adventure you do not have to do much. On the last day you will have to cross only 5 miles long section of the sea trail towards Polihale State Park. The comparatively easy kayak stroll among the soothing ocean landscapes.

Although the route ends here, the Hawaii adventure does not. Now you’ll have the time to explore the coast from land and experience the Kaiuai Island from new, equally amazing perspective!

Article by: Antonina Małowiecka
Photos by: Kikuko Nakayama /

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