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Oyama Zipline Adventure Park

Zipline Tour:
WHAT AN ADVENTURE! Join us for a 2.5hr tour ziplining over 35 forested acres (more than 7000' of zip lines). 7 stations one-after-the-other, with 3 of our rides double lines to race with your buddy. Our longest and last line can take you up to WORLD CLASS THRILLS. . . Each of our lines have unique take-offs & landings to make our course the most diverse ziplining experience in province of Beautiful British Columbia! Not only are the ziplines “Wicked” but the tri-lake views are stunning!

Aerial Park:
Our Aerial Adventure Park is a self-paced, self-guided aerial obstacle course with 3 difficulty level circuits with a series of obstacles, ziplines, towers, swings…and more. The Green course is our easiest to traverse but then you get to ramp it up to the Blue course with intermediate obstacle difficulty levels and more elevated heights. And finally if you are up to the challenge we welcome you to the Black course with our highest and most difficult elements which ends at our Quick Jump Free Fall . . . if you dare!

Quick Jump Free Fall:
Want to test your mojo? Climb the ladder and jump out of a tree! Our Free Fall Quick Jump uses state of the art equipment to give you that initial feeling of free fall off a platform 40’ up our native Ponderosa Pine Tree and then lower you gently to the ground. Do you have what it takes to step off?

Monkey Kid’s Play Park:
Ages 3-11. Bring young children to the forest for unplugged play that fuels the imagination. The kids adventure area provides netted, supervised forest fun as they traverse the obstacle circuit. And yes, there is even a zipline ride for our Little Monkeys! Parents can watch from the viewing area or join their child on the circuit.

Oyama Zipline Adventure Park

5617 Oyama Lake Rd, Lake Country, BC V4V 2C9, Canada


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