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Skydive Spaceland

Your heart’s pounding, the wind is blasting by your face, and you’re crouched at the open door of a flying airplane knowing you’re about to have the skydiving time of your life! Whether you're looking for a thrill to spice up your day, an item to check off your bucket list, or a new hobby to throw yourself into, you're in the right place!
Skydive Spaceland Atlanta is one of the Georgia's biggest, most progressive skydiving training centers, and we top it all off with our famous hospitality–because that's how this third-generation family business has done things for more than 15 years! Our purpose-built facility is host to state of the art skydiving and training equipment, and instructors. We will teach you everything you need to know for your first jump, and we can even teach you how to skydive in as little as a week! We're conveniently located near Atlanta, Birmingham, and Chattanooga, come and see us soon!

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Skydive Spaceland

1195 Grady Rd, Rockmart, GA 30153, USA


Your first jump!!

  • Jump out of a perfectly good airplane from 14,000 feet!
  • Freefall at 120 mph!
  • Jump harnessed to an experienced instructor after a brief class.
  • Pull your own ripcord for a peaceful, 5-minute parachute flight and a soft, on-target landing.
  • Add a professionally edited tandem skydive video and photos to prove you did it and relive your experience of a lifetime!

Learn how to skydive!!

  • Learn to skydive in as little as a week!
  • Learn how to smoothly exit a perfectly good airplane
  • Dedicated instructor and free video on every skydive
  • Streak across the sky likes James Bond
  • Perform controlled turns and spins
  • Fly your body in different orientations
  • Deploy and fly your own parachute to a soft, on-target landing assisted via radio by your instructor
  • Learn how to safely have a blast in the sky!


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