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Zipline Croatia

Adrenaline Zipline ground in the canyon of the river Cetina. It consists of eight (8) steel cables through which the guests sitting in the belt zipline down the canyon. The total length of all cables is 2100m.

The longest is 700m long and is located 150m above the ground. To go around all the polygon, accompanied by two guides, a group of 10 guests need three hours. This includes the uptake, and training in field and lowering via cables.

Gathering is 30 minutes before at the office in Omis – signing statement. Transport with vehicles 2.5 kilometers along the Cetina to the place Podašpilje, the starting point of tour. Distribution of personal equipment, walking (2 min) to where it conducted a short training course.

Training and introduction to a zipline (20 min, depending on group size). Walk a marked route (7 min) to the beginning of the zipline's, to the first cable. When it exceeds a total of 8 cables, walking (2 min) to the parking lot.

Boarding in a vehicle and transport to the office in Omis. It is possible to arrange a private tour for 2-4 people, and in this case the supplement 200.00 per person. Shuttle from our agency to start and back is included in the price.

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Zipline Croatia

Ul. Josipa Pupačića 4, 21310, Omiš, Croatia


IMPORTANT: One group consists of 4 -15 guests, accompanied by two qualified guides.

The minimum age is 8 years., The maximum is unlimited. The maximum weight is 130 kg. It is recommended to wear appropriate footwear for walking in nature and bring water (1 liter).

Each guest before departure signs the declaration of exemption from liability. For children ages 9-18 years. Parents must sign a consent. According to the child’s age, the guide will decide whether to go down a steel rope in his entourage (tandem). In one group can be only one child in tandem with a guide.


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