Priest Lake trout fishing

Priest Lake trout fishing: catch the fish of your life!

Fishing in Priest Lake, Idaho’s “Crown Jewel”, is a prefect activity for anyone who is tired of everyday hassle. It is also the best way to spend some quality time close to the nature and… challenge one’s angling skills. Reason? Priest Lake is one of the top US trout fishing destinations: in the lake itself and in the surrounding creeks and ponds you can catch any kind of this “king fish”. Are you ready for your ultimate Idaho fishing adventure?

Catch the giant

In calm, glassy waters of Priest lake you can find your desired “big” fish: from gigantic, trophy sized Mackinaw, cutthroat trout to world’s beloved rainbow trout. Beware – the “big” fish can get really huge here – Mackinaws can weigh as much as 57 lbs! What’s more, during your guided fishing tour in Priest Lake you’ll enjoy different kinds of this sport: downrigger, leaded or wired line fishing as well as jigging. Of course, your guide is here to advise you, which method is the best. While choosing between fishing methods, remember, taht in hot, summer months trouts skip the heat and remain as deep as its possible, whereas in late autumn till spring period they come closer to the surface.
priest lake adventure

Lazy or adrenaline fishing? The choice is yours!

There is also another reason, why trout fishing became an iconic pastime in Priest Lake: the basin, measuring 25 miles, has more than 40 “lucky fishing spots” – so there’s enough room for every passionate angler. Moreover, no fishing tour here is boring: spectacular mountain panoramas emerging from morning mists, shimmering waters reflecting Selkirk Range summits and countless alpine lakes make every day spent here special. You can relax on a boat, cast a line and wait for the perfect size fish to catch itself. For more adventurous option simply head to Upper Priest Lake: you can try here catch-and-release fishing without any bait. It is the only allowed fishing method to catch endangered native westslope cutthroat trout. If you’re still not fully satisfied, go wild and embrace the river fishing in one of cold, mountain creeks!

Whichever fishing adventure suits you best, you may be sure you’ll experience it in Priest Lake. So do not wait – pack your bait, drive to meet Idaho’s “Crown Jewel” and try to catch your “big” fish this season!

Article by: Antonina Małowiecka
Top photo by: Jaegar Moore /
Second photo by: Roger Lynn /