Santa Fe horseback riding

Ultimate saddle adventure: Santa Fe horseback riding

Horseback riding in Santa Fe, New Mexico is an exhilarating and adventurous experience. In fact, this is one of the very few true wilderness jaunts one can have in the country! Crossing barren lands of New Mexico deserts, admiring vast canyons and deep gorges, while sitting perfectly comfortable on your horse’s back is worth every muscle pain. But horseback riding tours in Santa Fe are not only about stunning views and spectacular panoramas…

Fear no bumps!

If you are an inexperienced rider, do not be afraid of bumps and pains. Santa Fe is known for using the famous Tennessee Walkers and Missouri Fox Trotters – gaited horses appreciated for their lateral movements and calm nature. Even during most strenuous ascends and steepest canyon crossings you’ll feel no discomfort! But Santa Fe horses are more than just excellent ride partners. Those magnificent creatures seem to know your feelings and their calm nature allows you to bond with them.
horseback riding adventure santa fe

Travel Western-style

In Santa Fe you can roam with your horse pack freely in all four Wilderness Areas and in most state parks. Which means you can ride a horse among vertical walls of Diablo Canyon, conquer in a saddle Franklin Ridge and discover mysteries of Great Central Silver Mine. What’s more, you can enjoy 360 degree vistas of all surrounding mountain ranges. Imagine traveling western-style with barren slopes of Ortiz Mountains behind you and the volcanic cone of Mount Taylor, emerging from lava fields only 92 miles away! Think of meandering around New Mexico’s most iconic sight: flat, table-top mesas. Finally, picture yourself pitching a tent under starlit sky and enjoying long bonfire talks with your friends!

Horse riding is one of New Mexico’s top adventures. Unforgettable landscapes, excellent animals and, moreover, genuine Western experience allows you to feel like on a movie set with John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart! If you are keen to travel back in time 200 years back and meet wild West, head to Santa Fe this season!

Article by: Antonina Małowiecka
Photos by: roam and shoot /