Croatan National Forest

Paddling into the swamp: boating in Croatan National Forest

Boating in Croatan National Forest is probably the most charming North Carolina adventure. Spreading over 160,000 acres, this vast, forested land is becoming increasingly popular as a family-friendly weekend gateway. Being the East’s only coastal forest, it is, surprisingly, a genuine water kingdom. Dense woodlands are bordered from three sides by three rivers and, from one side, by the calm and chilling waters of Boque Sound. In result, one is certainly overwhelmed here by the abundance of marine and saltwater wildlife. Countless water trails navigate through saltwater estuaries, bogs and pocosins (raised swamps) – and their shallow, dark waters are just perfect for flat-bottomed boats, which means a hell of a lot of adventure for you and your canoe, raft or kayak.
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Appalachian Trail Smokies

Walking the Appalachian Trail – world’s last epic adventure

The Appalachian Trail trekking may be the most epic thing in USA you will get to experience. It looks impressive even from the statistics: it is 2100 miles long, crosses 14 states and 6 national parks.  And, for most of us, it is impassable in one time, of course – which is great, because the trail’s length gives the excuse to visit it as many times as we need. Of course, it is possible to do the whole Appalachian Trail in a one gigantic hike and become a real ‘thru-hiker’, but with so many breathtaking landscapes en route from Georgia to Maine doing the hike slowly is way better idea.
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