Zion National Park

Hiking in Zion National Park: the hypnotizing exprience

There are few places on earth as mesmerizing, as Zion Canyon. Considered to be Utah best adventure spot, this vast labyrinth of sky reaching limestone walls painted by nature in red, pink and creme colors, allows anyone to follow ancient paths of Native Americans and discover hypnotizing, stone carved trails. No visit to the Zion is the same – with neighboring Kolob Canyon the area offers almost 20 trails, varying from easy to strenuous, this amazing nature’s amphitheater can be endlessly explored all year round. Regardless your age and stamina, you will be able to find here a trail, suitable for you. From almost flat, paved paths, which accessible to prams and wheelchairs to steep and narrow trails leading though rocky ridges and including some scrambling and climbing – in Zion you will experience creme de la creme oh Utah adventure.
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Sedona vortex trail

Mystic trails in Sedona: hiking the vortex trail

Arizona adventures always take you to the desert – hypnotizing and awe-striking in its pristine and harsh beauty. Yet, while exploring miles of hiking, MTB and off-road trails you are quite likely to miss one of the strangest attractions this deserted land is hiding. What it would be? The answer is: famous vortexes – the earth’s secret places, where our planet’s energy gets released, allowing mistical-oriented travelers to find and experience Arizona’s most unique adventure. And what is the best place to look for vortexes? Undoubtedly – Sedona – the city nicknamed “New Age Capital”. Let us take you there!
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Sailing Grand Traverse Bay

Tall Ship sailing across True North: your ultimate schooner adventure

Sailing in Traverse City is a must – do for anyone keen on active holiday in Michigan. This charmingly small town is often described as “True North” – and indeed: northern, harsh climate is felt here at every step. Located at Lake Michigan’s shore, right at the mouth of Grand Traverse Bay, it is the best place to experience one of the most unique Michigan adventure – tall ship sailing. Cruising on board of majestic 1800s schooners through peacefully shimmering waters of the lake allows sailing back in time to feel the ambiance of foregone era. Ahoy, then! Let’s sail away and explore troubled and mystic waters of Traverse Bay!
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Croatan National Forest

Paddling into the swamp: boating in Croatan National Forest

Boating in Croatan National Forest is probably the most charming North Carolina adventure. Spreading over 160,000 acres, this vast, forested land is becoming increasingly popular as a family-friendly weekend gateway. Being the East’s only coastal forest, it is, surprisingly, a genuine water kingdom. Dense woodlands are bordered from three sides by three rivers and, from one side, by the calm and chilling waters of Boque Sound. In result, one is certainly overwhelmed here by the abundance of marine and saltwater wildlife. Countless water trails navigate through saltwater estuaries, bogs and pocosins (raised swamps) – and their shallow, dark waters are just perfect for flat-bottomed boats, which means a hell of a lot of adventure for you and your canoe, raft or kayak.
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Boundary Waters Canoe Area canoeying

Paddling with the Moose: canoeying in Boundary Waters Canoe Area

Boundary Waters Canoe Area is the perfect gift from Mother Nature to the humanity. The million -acre wetland area, dotted with crystal clear lakes, dense northern woods, streams and rivers is the Minnesota adventure like no other. And, of course, the main activity here is meandering through this enchanted water world in a shaky canoe – a perfect idea for active family holiday!
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American Prairie Reserve camping

Camping in American Prairie Reserve: the great grass-land adventure

Camping in American Prairie Reserve is still relatively unknown and thus – uncrowded and fascinatingly thrilling wildlife adventure in Montana. Commonly known as APR, this vast, privately founded reserve restores the beauty and natural bounty of America’s Great Plains. What one can encounter here, is the amazingly diverse spectre of wildlife and outdoor based activities. You’ll love all of them, if you have ever watched and loved “Dancing with the Wolves” – as the main attraction of the APR is the … bison! This majestic animal, once roaming Great Plains freely, was successfully reintroduced to this area in 2004 and today you are almost guaranteed to spot the whole herd, counting over 700 animals. But bison-spotting is not the only attraction of this area. So if you are looking for some ideas what to do in American Prarie Reserve, read on our short activity guide!
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Jacksonhole paragliding

Jacksonhole paragliding: the unexpected soaring adventure

There are just too many adventures in Jacksonhole to choose from, do you agree? This mountain resort has the country’s most vibrant ski and snowboard scene in winter and awesome hiking trails in summer. But is there any activity one can enjoy here both in summer and winter months? There is one – and you won’t believe it – it’s paragliding.
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Bryce Canyon flights

Bryce Canyon scenic flight is a one in a lifetime experience, which can be compared to very few adventures. Once you step into magical world of one oh Utah’s most astonishin national Parks you’ll be overwhelmed by its graneur. Why? Because without any doubt famuos Bryce Canyon is the place, whee you can see the world’s biggest collection of hoodoos – fairytale shaped pillars that resemble anything from giantic stone needle to sunken ship. Flying over this awe-stricking landscape is the only way to experience it in its full glory an explore otherwise inaccesible areas.
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Kayaking in Alsek Lake

Icy adventure: kayaking Alaska’s Alsek Lake

Exploring Alaska is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. The largest US state, covered with snow and dotted with sky-reaching summits, attracts all year round. And while most of us decide to visit Alaskan highlights in the most conventional way – by walking or driving around, there are some folks that like to do it extreme. Like those, who boat the wild, glacier-surrounded Alsek River all the way from Canadian Yukon to the ice-capped surface of Alsek Lake in US’s Glacier Bay National Park. But what makes this demanding, 12-days long kayaking trip so special?
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Yampa River whitewater rafting

Yampa: boating the undammed beautie

Yampa River whitewater rafting is one of the top things to do on your adventurous holiday in Utah. This wild river, floating through canyons and gorges of Dinosaur National Monument, remains the only undammed tributary of the Colorado River. Yes, it means it is still pristine and wild. Although there are rivers with more impressive rapids and more jaw-dropping scenery in the country, Yampa is still the one that attracts many. We think it because of its untamed beauty and rugged charm of surrounding canyon landscapes…
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Montana Sun Road

Montana’s Road to the Sun

Sky-reaching Rocky Mountains, depths of secret-hiding glacial lakes, you and your two-wheeled chariot crossing Montana’s unforgettable landscapes on the famous Going to the Sun Road. Does it not sound like an adventure of a lifetime? If it does to you, you’ll be surely happy to know that what sounds like your dreamed holiday – Montana cycling trip – can easily turn into reality. All you need to do in order to experience it is book a short flight to Montana’s bicycling paradiseGlaciers National Park, pack your bags, maps and good quantities of cold weather muscle warm-up balm and set off towards Montana adventure!
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Yellowstone Geyser hiking

Yellowstone hiking – walking the USA’s hottest adventure

It is the iconic view sponsored by mighty USA nature – the 180 ft tall fountain of hot water erupting from depths of the earth every hour. Old Faithful Geyser attracts every summer season countless tourists who impatiently wait for one of the world’s most amazing phenomena to show its power. Jets of water, visible from far distance, add the unrealistic feeling to the already hypnotizing scenery of multicolored hills and reddish flames of autumn foliage. And although Old Faithful is the one that catches everybody’s attention, one should know that is just one of many water volcanoes that are worth a visit during any of Yellowstone hikes.
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Na Pali Coast Kayaking

Na Pali kayaking – Hawaiian coastal adventure

Hawaii kayaking tours are among the most exciting activities available in this lush archipelago. Paddling through crystal-clear waters to see sheer cliffs, hidden sea caves and glorious, untouched by mass tourism beaches is inherent part of any Hawaiian coastline trip. However, with kayak tours in Hawaii becoming increasingly popular, is may be tricky task to find a sea trail that is not packed with occasional tourists. Fortunately, there is Na Pali Coast – 17 miles stretch of most scenic, pristine views available on Kauai Island.
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Telluride paragliding

Telluride paragliding – dream&fly in Colorado!

You are floating in the sky, carelessly and effortlessly. Dozens of narrow, pine-covered valleys open beneath you and let you into pristine world of unspoiled nature of San Juan National Forest in Colorado. You are in one of the wildest places in northern hemisphere. As you rise your hand you almost feel like touching the sun, hanging in the clear blue, cloudless sky and shining over naked, dark silhouettes of Dallas Peak with, easy to recognize from bird’s perspective, two rocky towers at the summit. You are not in your usual REM mode – all around you is real, and what you are now experiencing is Colorado paragliding adventure – one of the best things to do in magnificent San Juan Range after winter season.
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Kansas skydiving

Kansas skydiving – daredevil soaring adventure

Kansas mesmerizing flatland always had to do something with wind and… flying. Remember poor Dorothy being sucked by a twister straight into adventure in Oz’s realm? Well, her flight might have been only a fantasy, but the fact is that Kansas is an aerial sports paradise. People come here mainly for two purposes: they are either crazy tornado chasers or skydivers. Soaring adventure maniacs arrive from all corners of the country to experience famous Kansas skydiving – definitely the most breath-taking and daredevil sport one can think of. So, if the vision of jumping off from a plane flying at 10,000ft and free falling among clouds does not make you terrified, read on and find out how to prepare for your first aerial walk over Kansas.
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Kokopelli MTB Trail

Kokopelli Bikepacking Trail – Following the MTB legend

Kokopelli Trail bikepacking is classic. It was famous among two-wheel maniacs way before MTB rides became popular. Even today, it is loved and admired for its landscape and terrain diversity. While crossing the 158 – miles long trail on your MTB you will experience Moab’s high desert fever, moon landscapes of Utah canyons and surrounded by deep abysses sections of epic Porcupine Rim trail. It is a must-do bike Utah bicycle adventure for anyone who has tasted MTB – although you should be warned that it is not for beginners. Expect all that you and your muscles love: narrow and winding singletracks, relaxing doubletracks, lots of sands and a pinch of technical difficulties during steep ascends. Ready for the classic bikepacking Utah adventure? Let’s go then!
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Muliwai Trail

Muliwai Trail: Hiking in Hawaii Paradise

Tropical Hawaiian paradise if many traveller’s dream – especially those, who are keen on active, thrills-filled holiday. Apart from archipelago well-known outdoor attractions such as diving, surfing or kayaking one can enjoy here also one of the world’s most breath-taking tropical trekking – the Muliwai Trail. Although it is still not as popular as other, mainstream Hawaiian activities, it allows to experience the lush beauty of the Island of Hawaii in the most unique way.
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Camas Valley snowkite

White flight over Idaho

You have always loved winter landscapes. But, at the same time, you despised all those queues you have to stand in to get to the slope and then enjoy a relatively short skiing ride down. Nordic skiing seemed to you too boring and snowboard – too contusion-prone. If this description fits you, you are quite probably born for the craziest winter sports ever imagined – snowkiting.
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Florida Freshwater Cave Diving

Florida’s underworld kingdom

Florida is a watersport lover’s paradise – and every one knows it. But although most people keep as close to the state’s adventure-filled coastline, some decide to skip gorgeous beaches and mighty waves and head straight to the interior to experience region’s greatest diving – not the salty, but the freshwater – and underground one. Because Florida’s whole area, riddled with countless freshwater springs, offers some of world’s greatest cave diving, which can be experienced as its best in small Ginnie Springs, nestled among dense freshwater marshes in northwestern corner of the state.
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Gila Wilderness

In the saddle through Gila Wilderness

Tucked in New Mexico’s northwestern corner, Gila Wilderness is one of USA’s biggest and, yes, the wildest adventures. Gila is rugged, dotted with rolling hills and mountains and riddled with turquoise forest lakes. And yet, at the same time while you are wandering here, you will encounter even more natural wonders, such as semi-deserted plains or deep canyons. In terms of diversity of the landscape Gila Wilderness has almost no competition. However, if after reading all above you’re already packing for your trip here, bear in mind one: Gila IS wild – reaching this fabulous area requires some serious hiking or…horse riding. As a strictly hiking guys, we are not too enthusiastic when it comes to jumping on horse’s back, but… riding a horse in Gila is an adventure about which even we couldn’t get excited enough.
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