Zion National Park

Hiking in Zion National Park: the hypnotizing exprience

There are few places on earth as mesmerizing, as Zion Canyon. Considered to be Utah best adventure spot, this vast labyrinth of sky reaching limestone walls painted by nature in red, pink and creme colors, allows anyone to follow ancient paths of Native Americans and discover hypnotizing, stone carved trails. No visit to the Zion is the same – with neighboring Kolob Canyon the area offers almost 20 trails, varying from easy to strenuous, this amazing nature’s amphitheater can be endlessly explored all year round. Regardless your age and stamina, you will be able to find here a trail, suitable for you. From almost flat, paved paths, which accessible to prams and wheelchairs to steep and narrow trails leading though rocky ridges and including some scrambling and climbing – in Zion you will experience creme de la creme oh Utah adventure.
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Bryce Canyon flights

Bryce Canyon scenic flight is a one in a lifetime experience, which can be compared to very few adventures. Once you step into magical world of one oh Utah’s most astonishin national Parks you’ll be overwhelmed by its graneur. Why? Because without any doubt famuos Bryce Canyon is the place, whee you can see the world’s biggest collection of hoodoos – fairytale shaped pillars that resemble anything from giantic stone needle to sunken ship. Flying over this awe-stricking landscape is the only way to experience it in its full glory an explore otherwise inaccesible areas.
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Yampa River whitewater rafting

Yampa: boating the undammed beautie

Yampa River whitewater rafting is one of the top things to do on your adventurous holiday in Utah. This wild river, floating through canyons and gorges of Dinosaur National Monument, remains the only undammed tributary of the Colorado River. Yes, it means it is still pristine and wild. Although there are rivers with more impressive rapids and more jaw-dropping scenery in the country, Yampa is still the one that attracts many. We think it because of its untamed beauty and rugged charm of surrounding canyon landscapes…
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Kokopelli MTB Trail

Kokopelli Bikepacking Trail – Following the MTB legend

Kokopelli Trail bikepacking is classic. It was famous among two-wheel maniacs way before MTB rides became popular. Even today, it is loved and admired for its landscape and terrain diversity. While crossing the 158 – miles long trail on your MTB you will experience Moab’s high desert fever, moon landscapes of Utah canyons and surrounded by deep abysses sections of epic Porcupine Rim trail. It is a must-do bike Utah bicycle adventure for anyone who has tasted MTB – although you should be warned that it is not for beginners. Expect all that you and your muscles love: narrow and winding singletracks, relaxing doubletracks, lots of sands and a pinch of technical difficulties during steep ascends. Ready for the classic bikepacking Utah adventure? Let’s go then!
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