Sailing Grand Traverse Bay

Tall Ship sailing across True North: your ultimate schooner adventure

Sailing in Traverse City is a must – do for anyone keen on active holiday in Michigan. This charmingly small town is often described as “True North” – and indeed: northern, harsh climate is felt here at every step. Located at Lake Michigan’s shore, right at the mouth of Grand Traverse Bay, it is the best place to experience one of the most unique Michigan adventure – tall ship sailing. Cruising on board of majestic 1800s schooners through peacefully shimmering waters of the lake allows sailing back in time to feel the ambiance of foregone era. Ahoy, then! Let’s sail away and explore troubled and mystic waters of Traverse Bay!
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Priest Lake trout fishing

Priest Lake trout fishing: catch the fish of your life!

Fishing in Priest Lake, Idaho’s “Crown Jewel”, is a prefect activity for anyone who is tired of everyday hassle. It is also the best way to spend some quality time close to the nature and… challenge one’s angling skills. Reason? Priest Lake is one of the top US trout fishing destinations: in the lake itself and in the surrounding creeks and ponds you can catch any kind of this “king fish”. Are you ready for your ultimate Idaho fishing adventure?
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Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls: the power of Nature

Iguazu waterfalls are one of the world’s greatest wonders. Dozens of falls, majestic and deafening with continuous roar of thousands tons of falling water, they leave no-one insensible. Moreover, as one of few waterfalls this category on earth, they are accessible from almost every side. Visiting them is a visceral experience – especially, if you allow yourself to spend there enough time and walk on the both sides of the border between Argentina and Brazil.
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Ocean camping

Great Barrier Reef camping: Australia’s ultimate ‘five-star’ experience

Australian Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s greatest wonders and the ultimate Nature’s gift to the humanity. You are not likely to meet such diversity of underwater life and such variety of hues anywhere else. Diving the multicolored reefs allows to stand (or rather-float) face to face with turtles, fish and other ocean dwellers – from microscopic plankton to 100-tones weighing whales. However, most of us mortals visit the Reef only at a day time, spending there a couple of hours and missing the night time experience. But it’s time for a change, as we have discovered the ocean reef camping – the ultimate Australia adventure, which allows you to sleep in a comfy swag tent while floating on the ocean.
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Similan Islands diving

Similan Islands diving: enter the paradise

Thailand is world-famous for its palm fringed beaches since many decades. Almost everyone knows Phuket and paradise island Ko Phi Phi which was made famous by „The beach” movie with Leonardo Di Caprio. But, let’s be frank here – all of them are merely huge sandy playgrounds and, sooner or later, may become boring…So, once you’ll get enough of their sandy paradise, put your fins on and head straight to the Thailand’s best kept secret – the underwater Similan Islands diving – one of the top underwater adventures in the world.
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Coasteering in Cornwall

Coastal Madness: Coasteering in Cornwall

I always loved exploring Cornwall’s rugged coastline –  scrambling the narrow paths overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, admiring cliffs and hidden coves and looking for the local marine wildlife. But although I did see a lot, I was still not as satisfied. Cornwall’s biggest highlight – the famous granite built coastline, dotted with small gulfs and bays, smugglers’ caves and cliff ledges inhabited by puffins and…seals was hidden 50 meters down below the path level, and obviously inaccessible for me. Until I’ve learned about coasteering in Cornwall – the best and maddest way to meet the region’s wildlife.
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Silfra Fissure Diving

Iceland Silfra Fissure: Diving between the worlds

Did you ever thought what it would be to travel between the worlds? How it would feel to immerse yourself into mysterious, dark and appealing space between two them? If yes, you should go to Iceland right now to dive the  Silfra Fissure – the easiest to access place on earth where you can dive between our planet’s two biggest tectonic plates – the Euroasiatic and North American one. Which means that during short and reasonably easy dive you are able to dip between, literally, two worlds! And, to tempt you further, you can do it while swimming in the world’s clearest waters…
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Florida Freshwater Cave Diving

Florida’s underworld kingdom

Florida is a watersport lover’s paradise – and every one knows it. But although most people keep as close to the state’s adventure-filled coastline, some decide to skip gorgeous beaches and mighty waves and head straight to the interior to experience region’s greatest diving – not the salty, but the freshwater – and underground one. Because Florida’s whole area, riddled with countless freshwater springs, offers some of world’s greatest cave diving, which can be experienced as its best in small Ginnie Springs, nestled among dense freshwater marshes in northwestern corner of the state.
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Ningaloo snorkeling

Snorkeling coral reef gardens in Ningaloo

Australia is almost synonymous with „snorkeling” today. No doubt, there are very few places on earth that are a natural habitat of such an abundance of underwater life. Which – and that’s the best part of it – can be easily approached during almost effortless swimming trip. Indeed, shallow waters of Australian shores are perfect for snorkeling and make a great adventure for those, who are yet not familiar with deep water diving or simply prefer admiring underwater realm form above. Among many reefs of Australia the Great Barrier Reef is without any doubt the most famous. But also – the most crowded, most commercialized and…the most distanced from the shore. So for all of you who look for the Great Barrier Reef that ensures less touristed experience and does not include long boat trips far away from the shore there’s only one place really worth visiting – the Ningaloo Reef.
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Neptune Islands Sharks

Rendezvous with Jaws

Diving has always attracted adrenaline fans – this sport is all about adventure – it allows you to challenge the nature, to check your stamina and to meet the wild, untamed ocean big game in its natural habitat. And as it is quite obvious that every season thousands of tourists visit world’s premiere diving spots to swim among multicolored coral reefs, it is not that obvious that equally huge amounts of divers queue for less colorful experience – Great White Shark Diving. This thrilling underwater adventure is available in very few places on earth – Neptune Islands in South Australia being one of them.
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Victoria whale watching

Victorious meeting with killer whale – in Victoria!

There you are – in the middle of infamous Juan de Luca Strait, standing on a shaky board swung by turbulent waves. As they hit and rock your Zodiac boat causing you, well, a bit nausea, you try to remember what forced you to join this crazy, 5-hour water adventure. It is undoubtedly cold, but although morning sea breeze blows straight into your face, you stand still enchanted by what you just saw. Black-and-white fins that just emerged from the waters, which sight made you frantically happy, can mean only one thing – you have just spotted your first killer whale – the most famous inhabitant of cold waters surrounding Canadian city of VictoriaBritish Columbia.
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Diving with Oahu’s gentle giants

There can be very few experiences comparable to diving the Hawaiian reef. One exactly knows why – the coral atolls and walls surrounding volcanic islands are home to more than 300 species of fish and other sea creatures. Among them there’s one, that every diver is especially thrilled to meet – the giant green sea turtle, called also honu – one of the biggest in the world, seizing over 5 feet and weighing up to 700 lbs. To see him in his natural underwater habitat, one has to visit Oahu, where you can watch this gentle giant on every step of his life.
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