Croatan National Forest

Paddling into the swamp: boating in Croatan National Forest

Boating in Croatan National Forest is probably the most charming North Carolina adventure. Spreading over 160,000 acres, this vast, forested land is becoming increasingly popular as a family-friendly weekend gateway. Being the East’s only coastal forest, it is, surprisingly, a genuine water kingdom. Dense woodlands are bordered from three sides by three rivers and, from one side, by the calm and chilling waters of Boque Sound. In result, one is certainly overwhelmed here by the abundance of marine and saltwater wildlife. Countless water trails navigate through saltwater estuaries, bogs and pocosins (raised swamps) – and their shallow, dark waters are just perfect for flat-bottomed boats, which means a hell of a lot of adventure for you and your canoe, raft or kayak.
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Boundary Waters Canoe Area canoeying

Paddling with the Moose: canoeying in Boundary Waters Canoe Area

Boundary Waters Canoe Area is the perfect gift from Mother Nature to the humanity. The million -acre wetland area, dotted with crystal clear lakes, dense northern woods, streams and rivers is the Minnesota adventure like no other. And, of course, the main activity here is meandering through this enchanted water world in a shaky canoe – a perfect idea for active family holiday!
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Columbia River Gorge kayaking

Columbia River Gorge kayaking: conquering untamed waters

Columbia River Gorge fully deserves its nickname “Oregon and Washington‘s ultimate playground”. This spectacular natural phenomena, created by Nature’s hand throughout millennia, creates a natural boundary between country’s two adventure-oriented states. As it is almost 4000 ft deep and about 80 miles long, it delivers a full package of adrenaline filled activities. Among them the most family- and beginner-friendly is kayaking. Why won’t we go today for a short Columbia Riber Gorge kayaking trip to meet the land&water wonders?
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Kayaking in Alsek Lake

Icy adventure: kayaking Alaska’s Alsek Lake

Exploring Alaska is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. The largest US state, covered with snow and dotted with sky-reaching summits, attracts all year round. And while most of us decide to visit Alaskan highlights in the most conventional way – by walking or driving around, there are some folks that like to do it extreme. Like those, who boat the wild, glacier-surrounded Alsek River all the way from Canadian Yukon to the ice-capped surface of Alsek Lake in US’s Glacier Bay National Park. But what makes this demanding, 12-days long kayaking trip so special?
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Yampa River whitewater rafting

Yampa: boating the undammed beautie

Yampa River whitewater rafting is one of the top things to do on your adventurous holiday in Utah. This wild river, floating through canyons and gorges of Dinosaur National Monument, remains the only undammed tributary of the Colorado River. Yes, it means it is still pristine and wild. Although there are rivers with more impressive rapids and more jaw-dropping scenery in the country, Yampa is still the one that attracts many. We think it because of its untamed beauty and rugged charm of surrounding canyon landscapes…
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Shubenacadie rafting

Hitting World’s Craziest Waves: Shubenacadie tidal bore rafting

Nova Scotia adventure options seem to be limitless – hiking, whale watching and surfing possibilities can turn any couch potato into adrenaline junkie. But among those unique activities that already give you the much needed thrills only one deserves the name of queen f adventures – the Shubenacadie river tidal bore rafting. Often confused with traditional rafting this experience forces you to challenge the untamed nature, as your zodiac pontoon jumps the tidal bore wave, fighting to remain on the boiling river in upright position.

Crazy whirlpool monster

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Clayoquot Sound sea kayaking

Clayoquot Sound sea kayaking: Canada’s top water wildlife adventure

Kayaking became recently amazingly popular among people who dare to challenge the wild nature. If you are one of them, you surely waded already plenty of rivers and witnessed dozens of inland adventures. But we’ve got a new challenge for you – sea kayaking: a thrilling activity that allows to meet higher waves, faster currents and bigger adventure. And there is no better place to experience sea kayaking, than Clayoquot Sound waters in Canada’s B.C.
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Czarna Hańcza Kayaking

Kayaking Poland’s Wild River

Kayaking Czarna Hańcza trail is one of the best Poland adventures. Running wild river that meanders through Puszcza Augustowska, the ancient forest in the corner of northeastern Poland, is exactly this kind of route you have never experienced before. Paddling Czarna Hańcza, a river that is becoming increasingly popular in last years, offers still the unexpectedly pristine landscapes and this very kind of wilderness adventure you have ever dream of.
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Na Pali Coast Kayaking

Na Pali kayaking – Hawaiian coastal adventure

Hawaii kayaking tours are among the most exciting activities available in this lush archipelago. Paddling through crystal-clear waters to see sheer cliffs, hidden sea caves and glorious, untouched by mass tourism beaches is inherent part of any Hawaiian coastline trip. However, with kayak tours in Hawaii becoming increasingly popular, is may be tricky task to find a sea trail that is not packed with occasional tourists. Fortunately, there is Na Pali Coast – 17 miles stretch of most scenic, pristine views available on Kauai Island.
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Banff rafting

Whitewater madness on Banff’s Kicking Horse River

If you ever dreamed of a true adrenaline rush on a river, there is no better way to experience it than white water rafting – a sport that turns every river meeting into unforgettable, thrilling adventure. In the wold-famous Banff National Park – adventurer’s beloved spot for active sports – you can try your rafting skills on the turbulent waters of Kicking Horse River. If you are a beginner, try if rafting is really for you while jumping on the waves of much calmer Kananaskis River. Be careful! The grandeur of Banff’s landscapes, seen from your boat perspective, is simply overwhelming – looking at the vertical, rocky walls of Horseshoe Canyon while you slide over the rapids, admiring snow-capped summits of Canadian Rockies – those sights make Banff rafting more than just a river trip.
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Paddling through glaciers – how to kayak in Patagonia

Dip, dip and swing it back – remember those words as you paddle down the mighty Serrano river. You have reached Patagonia – South America’s place where the wild things are and the land of ultimate adventures. Now, all you have to do is cross its vast cold lakes, ancient pine forests, hanging glaciers and sky-reaching mountain pinnacles with your canoe and two paddles. If it sounds too amazing to be true, do not worry – it is going to be even better.
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