Yampa River whitewater rafting

Yampa: boating the undammed beautie

Yampa River whitewater rafting is one of the top things to do on your adventurous holiday in Utah. This wild river, floating through canyons and gorges of Dinosaur National Monument, remains the only undammed tributary of the Colorado River. Yes, it means it is still pristine and wild. Although there are rivers with more impressive rapids and more jaw-dropping scenery in the country, Yampa is still the one that attracts many. We think it because of its untamed beauty and rugged charm of surrounding canyon landscapes…

Raft Yampa when waters and hoper are high

If you’d like to see Yampa at its best, try to arrange your rafting in Summer. When waters are high, waves are tormenting and rapids are simply breathtaking. Allow yourself to spend here four full days and do not hesitate before choosing where to stay overnight. Campsites along Yampa make top accommodation and offer unforgettable views on tiger-stripped walls, cliffs and narrow gorges! Upon the arrival, check if your gear is safely (we mean: waterproofly) packed and head towards your Yampa adventure.
usa yampa river whitewater rafting adventure

Meandering sandstone labirynths

As soon as you get a hold on your paddle, you’ll realize, what’s so special about this river. Meandering through its canyons allows seeing well known places from a different perspective. Sandstone cliffs, 700 years old petroglyphs, ancient indigenous ancestral sacred sites… You’ll find here all the things that make Dinosaur National Monument special and…discover them by yourself. For more adrenaline-rushed experiences paddle towards Yampa’s famous rapids. Bear in mind though, that Warm Springs and Hells Half Mile are not easily conquered…and not by everyone!

Every day spent on Yampa means exploring some of the best outdoor adventures in Utah. Would it be boating below sheer limestone walls of The Grand Overhang, admiring delicate, Nature created beauty of Cleopatra’s Couch or sneaking close to the easily recognizable Tiger Wall – any of those experiences bring you closer to Utah’s untamed nature.

Article by: Antonina Małowiecka
Top photo by: Scott Ritchie / flickr.com
Second photo by: Ken Lund / flickr.com

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