Yellowstone Geyser hiking

Yellowstone hiking – walking the USA’s hottest adventure

It is the iconic view sponsored by mighty USA nature – the 180 ft tall fountain of hot water erupting from depths of the earth every hour. Old Faithful Geyser attracts every summer season countless tourists who impatiently wait for one of the world’s most amazing phenomena to show its power. Jets of water, visible from far distance, add the unrealistic feeling to the already hypnotizing scenery of multicolored hills and reddish flames of autumn foliage. And although Old Faithful is the one that catches everybody’s attention, one should know that is just one of many water volcanoes that are worth a visit during any of Yellowstone hikes.

Geyser Hill – Yellowstone’s hot spot

Geyser Hill should be the beginning of any Yellowstone hiking tour. It is located only 10 minutes walk from Old Faithful area and is the most unique place one can ever wander to in Yellowstone National Park. It is a nature created theater, dotted with dozens of underground, regularly erupting geysers – a genuine phenomena in the world scale. Discovered during the first official Yellowstone expedition in 1870, it amazed and scared its first explorers. The Geyser Hill area, known for visible geothermal activity, was described as a place of power by local tribes and nicknamed ‘The Witches’ Kitchen’ by first settlers. Today, an exciting stroll through kilometers of platforms, connecting the viewpoints, allows meeting most of the famous geysers face to face. Walking counter-clockwise around Old Faithful platform one can admire the Anemone Geyser – humbly looking and welcoming guests with silent gurgle. Right behind it is the Plume Geyser, which is famous for frequent and regular hourly eruptions. From here one needs to walk only few steps further to loved by many Beehive Geyser. Its narrow jet is higher than Old Faithful’s – but as it erupts only once in a daytime, you need to wait patiently to experience this amazing water spectacle.
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Yellowstone’s Geyser Trail

Yellowstone National Park hikes count among the best one can ever walk. Strolling the ‘Geyser Trail‘, bursting every now and then with tons of water boiled by underground lava, is an adventure of a lifetime. And the Geyser Hill is merely a beginning! Walking along the eastern bank of Firehole River tourists and hikers pass the Castle Geyser, overlooking the rusty-colored waters of small lake, bubbling waters of Chromatic Pool colored in turquoise, orange and yellow. And, of course, Yellowstone’s celebrities: the iconic Grand Geyser, bursting with 200 feet-high fountain and Riverside Geyser, whose jet descends graciously to the river. They all make an amazing all-day hike and…no not require a great stamina!

So, if you are ready to challenge the Geyser Trail in Yellowstone, do not wait until next season – the best time to get there is now!

Article by: Antonina Małowiecka
Top photo by: Ian D. Keating /
Second photo by: James St. John /

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